XRDP – Quick Demo Installation & Reconnection


Hello World,

This post will be extremely short.

We have uploaded a video where we quickly perform the installation of the xrdp on a fresh Ubuntu 14.10.  We have not configured anything on the ubuntu machine. We wanted to demonstrate that we have indeed performed a standard installation using the ubuntu xrdp package and that we have now the capability to reconnect to an existing session with no tweaks or configuration changes.  This is really a welcome change.

We also wanted to demonstrate using this video a quick step by step installation and configuration of the xrdp.  If you follow the steps in the video (or if you use the different posts about xrdp – you should check the latest one located at XRDP – Reconnect to existing sessions made easier – New xrdp package on Ubuntu repository) , you should be good to go and not have any issues while connecting to ubuntu using your remote desktop client.

In this video, we are performing the following actions :

  1. get updates (if any)
  2. Install the mate-desktop interface
  3. install the xrdp package
  4. create the .xsession file and append the information about which desktop environment to use (i.e. mate-session)
  5. we connect to the ubuntu machine. We open some applications
  6. we disconnect from the ubuntu machine
  7. We reconnect and bam, we have access to our existing session


PS : In the video, we do not show how to configure the xrdp keyboard layout !  see links below for more information

This is it for today !  Enjoy the video !


If you need more info about xrdp, check these posts and links on my blog ( www.c-nergy.be/blog (or blog.c-nergy.be))

How to install xrdp based on your Ubuntu Distribution posts !

We have also explained how you could reconnect to an existing session, using different methods. if you are using the latest xrdp package (0.6.1-1), you do not need to perform additional configuration to have reconnection working. it’s included in the package.

Some posts about installing alternative desktop interface

One post about how fixing your xrdp keyboard layout when you have special charaters in it

Other Topics about remote connection to Ubuntu (coming soon)


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