Somes Changes coming at….

Hello World,

It has been some time since my last post.  I have been quite busy with a lot of stuff.  I had to take some “holidays” from my current assignment in order to work on internal projects.  September 2015 will be really busy for me.  I’m already overloaded with two heavy projects right now which will be running till end 2015.

Because of these projects, time for blogging  has been reduced dramatically.  But no panic, we will be back soon with some news posts. (We currently working on this and trying to see which topic might be the subject of the next posts).  As we are working heavily on RDS technology, you can expect to have some posts about that as well….

Some changes coming out….

The Website

So, What about the changes to come ?   Actually, we have already introduced some changes in our website.  We have updated the design of our website ( in order to have a more modern and user friendly interface.  The layout didn’t changed much but we have made our web site responsive.  So, now, you should be able to visit our web page from any device in comfortable way.  The layout will adjust automatically to the size of the screen

Below you can see some screenshots of the layout evolution from version 1.0 till version 4.0 (the current one)…

Click on picture for better resolution

Click on picture for better resolution

Click on picture for better resolution

As you can see, we moved from the darkness (Black design) to the daylight (Clean White Design) in a certain way….

The Blog

The blog layout will be changed also in the coming weeks.  We actually like the current design of the blog but this one is not responsive.  In the coming weeks, you will definitely see changed on the layout and the design for the blog part.  As you would have guessed, the next iteration would be responsive as well.

At the moment, we almost done with the design customization of the next version of the blog. The only problem we have is that we have basically to select between two design and layout for the blog part.  One is quite similar to the one we currently have and this could be the best option so people are not too much affected by the design.   The other one is really cool and modern but this might introduce a bigger change and people might need to get used to the new design.

Final Notes

This is it for this post !  As you can see, we are still active, we are doing a lot of stuff, we are moving forward with our company and our presence on the web.  We hope that we can keep on providing good technical information.  We hope that you will enjoy these changes and that you will find necessary help and information you were looking for…

I hope you will enjoy the coming layout changes…..

Till next Time

See ya

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