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As you probably know, the latest release of ubuntu (version 14.04) will be released in April 17th 2014.  We were expecting a lot of changes (Mir Display manager…) but at the end Canonical has decided to postpone this in order to ensure that a stable operating system would be more important than introducing buggy new features.  Note however that if you want to you can already test Mir and Unity 8 desktop interface.

I haven’t follow much the news about ubuntu 14.04 so I do not really know which new exciting feature might ship with this version.   I know that the visual aspect has been improved (anti-aliasing for windows, live window resizing, integraged menu, smaller unity launcher, new locked visual,..). As I said a lot of improvement in terms of usability and esthetic.

My favourite feature here is the lock interface. Finally, we do not have anymore this white login box appearing in the middle of the screen asking for your credentials.  Finally, when you lock your workstation, you will see the nice “login manager” interface which look exactly the same as the login interface.

We will discuss in a future post about xrpd in Ubuntu 14.04 but for today we go for the traditional how to install Ubuntu 14.04 post.

Let’s Go !

Step by Step Installation Guide – Ubuntu 14.04 – Fresh Install

Note :

We are using for this post the beta version of Ubuntu 14.04. Note also that we have performed the installation as a virtual machine on an Hyper-V server. 

Step 1 – You first need to download the latest source files from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop

Step 2 – When you have downloaded the iso, you can decide to burn the iso or to perform the install from a usb stick (preferred method).  When you are ready, you can start your installation process.

Step 3 – in the Welcome Page, select the install ubuntu option

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Step 4 – In the preparing to install, you can simply press continue or you can tick the check-boxes to download the updates and codec (if you have internet connectivity)

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Step 5 – In the installation type, select your installation type.  When you have selected your options, Press Continue

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Step 6 – In the Where are you ? page, the wizard will try to detect your location.  If this is not correct, locate your location on the map. Press Continue 

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Step 7 – In the keyboard layout, select your keyboard and Press Continue.

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Step 8 – In the Who are you ? page, provide the requested information (computername,username,password).  You can also decide to encrypt the disk if needed

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Note : In previous version, you could create or configure your access to the Ubuntu ONE Services.  If you are not already aware, you should know that Canonical is shutting down the service because it does not generate enough money and because Ubuntu One can’t compete against market leaders without investing heavily in the infrastructure (which Canonical isn’t willing to do).

Step 10 – The installation process will start.  wait for completion 

Note : You can see that i’m using a beta version, the Ubuntu 13.10 mascot is still displayed on the dialog box

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Step 11 – When installation is complete, you will see the prompt asking you to reboot the machine

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Step 12 – After the reboot, you should see the login page for Ubuntu 13.10

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Final Notes

Voila !  You have performed a basic installation of Ubuntu 14.04.  As you have seen, the installation is quite simple and straight forward. If you are used to perform Ubuntu installation, you will see that the installation process has changed very little.

Now, you should try to lock your workstation and check out the new lock interface…Pretty nice, hein

Next post will be dedicated to Xrdp in Ubuntu 14.04…

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