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  1. @Harun,

    Thank you for the feedback…Sorry to hear that this is not helping you.. Please do note that the post was asking feedback about the proposed design and it was not the intend to publish code to perform these modifications… The code has been integrated in the xrdp-installer script

    Hope this help
    Till next time
    See ya

  2. Hi, I have made a custom design that I would like to share, maybe it will give you more ideas to build on top.
    The logic is as so:
    1. I dont wana see window title = window height 2500 (covering for 4k screen)
    2. I dont wana see window border on the right = sacrifice shadows (black=2c001e;background=2c001e;dark_grey=2c001e;ls_top_window_bg_color=2c001e;ls_bg_color=2c001e)
    3. I dont wana see window border on the left = upload logo as a tall rectangle (2500 height) position on the window left border
    4. I dont wana see default labels (terrible font) = `ls_label_x_pos=-3000` + lables hardcoded/drawn into the logo
    5. OK and Cancel button is optional = Hitting “enter” on password field will perform login so the button could stay “off” the screen.

    Logo can not be placed above or below login controls only on the right or left. The reason is that placing the logo over text boxes renders them unclickable as if the were “under” the logo but they remain visible and navigation using TAB allows to complete login.

  3. @stawiu;

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, findings and you work.
    Looks nice and indeed this can inspire other people. You might want to publish the code behnid your xrdp login customization so people can reproduce it.
    Good job

    till next time
    See ya

  4. @Brian,

    Sorry for the late reply but we are extremely busy lately…..we will try to provide the code for the login screen in the coming days…

    Till next time
    See ya

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