XRDP – Drives Redirection & Clipboard Feature Teaser

Hello World,

This will be a really quick post. Lately, we have been working a lot with xRDP software solution.  If you are following us since a long time, you know that we have published multiple posts describing how to install, configure, customize and use xRDP software solution (in a relative easy way)

Bringing xRDP to next level….

So far these posts were focusing on the installation and configuration aspect in order to ensure that remote desktop session could be established to a Linux machine.  It’s time to move to the next stage… In the coming days (or weeks), we will publish a small howto guide that will help you in configuring the most wanted features when working with xRDP.  We are working on some posts showing you how to

  • enable Drives redirections and,
  • enable Drives Redirection & clipboard feature

So far we have kind of a working procedure to enable this most wanted features.  The video below is kind of a teaser of what you can expect.  So check out and in a few days, we should release a well structured procedure to achieve the same results…

xRDP Drive Redirection Quick Demo


Final Notes

This is it for this post ! As you can imagine, we are working hard on the instructions on how to achieve this results.  Stay tuned and we will shortly publish the necessary steps and procedure in order to perform such configuration

Till next time

See ya

6 thoughts on “XRDP – Drives Redirection & Clipboard Feature Teaser

  1. Hi, I have setup drive redirection but device is mounted read only in plasma
    in my /etc/xrdp/startwmsh I put:

    #test -x /etc/X11/Xsession && exec /etc/X11/Xsession
    #exec /bin/sh /etc/X11/Xsession
    exec startplasma-x11

  2. @Piero,

    that’s a good question 🙂 I have seen on the xrdp github pages that this feature should be working….however,we have tried the feature and it does not seems to work….
    As we never really looked into it, we might need to perform some additional research to see if this would be supported and workable

    Till next time
    see ya

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