Some News about ProxMox VE (version 1.7 is out !)

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This is a quick post about ProxMox VE. I haven’t got much time to do some blogging activities because I’m really overbooked for work. The begin of the year seems to be quite heavy……

This small post is dedicated to ProxMox VE solution.  I do not know if you have noticed but the logo has changed a little bit as well as the official web site behind ProxMox VE. Are they preparing something for the version 2.0 ?

old Logo

New Logo

No Support for Installation from USB Stick

update : Check this post if you want to try an usb based installation of ProxMox VE

I have recently downloaded the latest version of the ProxMox VE software. The software was released on the November 30 2010. I’m preparing test machine in order to test some of the features of ProxMox VE. I thought that instead of burning a cdrom, I would have load the iso image into a bootable USB stick.  After some research in the ProxmoX VE Forums, it’s seems that installation from a bootable USB is not supported at the moment.

I was a little bit disappointed by this lack of support.  VMware (and even Hyper-V) can be installed from a bootable stick.  I hope that this feature will be included in some coming releases. This is a feature that people would expect to have when performing their installation.  Nowadays, USB is commonly used to perform system installation.

Coming posts….

As soon as I have some time, I’ll post some info about

  1. ESXi (how to and customization
  2. Networking configuration on ProxMox VE
  3. some Exchange 2010 posts

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