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It has been a little while since my last posts about Remote Desktop Service Technology.  Because I’m busy with a lot of RDS projects, I was able to publish a lot of useful information through this web site. Lately, however, I have to say that if RDS is still in the picture, we are starting to have other important topics coming out of the blue…. I was also abroad for some time now and for some projects as well and this explains why I was not able to publish on a regular base….

What’s coming up ?

New MDT 2013 Update 1

In the coming months, we are expecting to have requests about Windows 10 and deployment through organizations.  To meet possible requests for refresh/upgrade scenarios, we have to start to look at the new release of MDT 2013 Update 1 which support Windows 10 Deployment.  The MDT 2013 Update 1 is still in preview version and not production ready but it’s time indeed to prepare the future….

Actually, I think that my next post will be about MDT 2013 Update 1 preview.

Windows 10 & vNext Server

Lately Microsoft is not stopping making announcement about their new way of working, their new software to come, their new phones, their new hololens…..There is not one single day where Microsoft is not making an announcement…

We know that we have start having a look at the Windows 10 latest operating system which is due to be released July 29th, 2015.  I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that the next release of the Server version is also available as a preview (vNext Server). Here again, Microsoft is promising a lot of stuff regarding virtualization and container technology.  The one that make really some noise at the moment is the storage replica capability in vNext version.  In the past; you could not simply have a redundant iscsi infrastructure based only on Microsoft Technology.  With the next version, you could basically create a HA Hyper-v infrastructure where the storage can be replicated to another location (block level replication) and have the Storage side high available as well…

If you do not know what I’m talking about, have already a look at the following location

Exchange 2016 Preview Available

One of the recent announcement made by Microsoft is about the Exchange 2016 Server Preview.  At that level, we are not expecting much requests from our customers as we are currently finalizing the move to Exchange 2013. For Some companies; It would not make sense to move to the newer version of the messaging platform after having made heavy investments in their current messaging platform upgrade.  Plus, based on the announcement, the Exchange 2016 version seems to be more a improvement of the existing code that introducing major changes.

If you are Exchange Geek, it’s time to grab the Preview version and see what’s really new… Please download at the following location

SharePoint 2016 not yet there…

Another important product that should be released in the coming months is Sharepoint 2016.  A lot of organizations have deployment a heavy Sharepoint infrastructure.  Our customers are looking closely to this new release because they might see some interesting changes in the Server Role infrastructure that has been introduced.

What about Ubuntu…

In some cases, we have deployed some Ubuntu systems as replacement of Windows Infrastructure. We like Ubuntu linux flavor because the company behind this flavor has made a lot of effort to make Linux accessible to a large number of users.  Some of the changes were not well accepted by the Linux Community but all in all, it seems to us that Canonical has at least a vision and they are trying hard to bring Linux to the masses.

However, lately we have not seen a lot of announcement coming from Canonical about the next version of Ubuntu.  We understand that Canonical is busy with other projects (OpenStack,Ubuntu Touch,Snappy,Containers,iot…) but they do not have to forget about their Desktop OS product.

Compared to Microsoft, Canonical is becoming quieter lately.  Maybe they have learned their lessons.  After promising the release of Ubuntu phones for a long time, we have seen that 2 companies is currently offering Ubuntu phones on the market. BQ company and Meizu have finally released devices that are running Ubuntu Touch operating system.  I didn’t got one but after some readings, it’s seems that the Ubuntu Touch still needs some further development in order to make the move available to the mass. At the moment, the Ubuntu phones are more targeted to enthusiasts.  

Ubuntu Tablet was also announced a few time and still I didn’t see one around….. but maybe because the Ubuntu Touch is not yet complete Canonical has decided to postpone this option or partners are not interested anymore.  I still would love to see an Ubuntu Tablet on the market….

I’m wondering if the coming version of Ubuntu (15.10 or 16.04) will indeed include the Unity Next Desktop version which runs on MIR technology.

Final Notes.

As you can see, there is so much (may be too much) ongoing at the moment in IT industry.  There are so many changes that we cannot publish information about all these new technologies or new ways of working with the technology. We can see that important changes are happening at the moment which might impact the future of IT industries.

Keep in Touch as we will try our best to provide you useful information. Do not expect many posts in August as we are working with some time consuming projects….but in September we should be back on track and post regularly new articles….

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