Getting to know Ubuntu 9.10


Hello World,

Ubuntu 9.10 has been released since October 2009. I started using ubuntu (in fact that was kubuntu) since version 6.0. I always needed to make some tests with Linux Operating system to check interoperability scenario but i never really worked with it. So, with the new year (2010) starting, i’ve decided to give a real try to Linux Operating system.

I have decided to load Ubuntu on one of my computer and use it as a day to day machine. In the past, I was always using an old computer with legacy hardware or virtualization solution. This time i have quite a decent machine where i can implement some eye candy settings using Compiz (3D effects), screenlets (equivalent to the Windows Widgets) and so on

This computer will be based on the Ubunt 9.10 Desktop Operating System.  I’ll try to demonstrate how a Linux machine can provide similar functionalities to a Windows machine. We will configure the audio card, Wireless network, install codecs for Audio and Video programs…

In my next post, i’ll describe how to perform a basic setup of ubuntu Operating system on your machine and show you how to perform some initial customization. 

To help you waiting for the next post, I attach a screenshot of a “basic” Customized Linux Desktop


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