Upgrade from XP,Vista,Win 7 to Windows 8 for 40 $

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This is a really short post about Windows 8 and Upgrade possibilities offered by Microsoft.  If you want to have more information, you can always have a look at the following location.


I’ve learned recently that Microsoft would allow people to upgrade from Windows XP up to Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro for only 40 $.   This is quite a cheap price for Microsoft products.

What’s the catch, you would say ?  There is not really a catch. To benefit from this really low price, you would need to

  1. Buy and download the software from the Windows.com web site
  2. do it before January 31, 2013

That’s it !

Upgrading Path and Process

As mentioned above, you will be able to upgrade from

  • Windows XP  but you will be able to migrate “only” your personal files (no settings)
  • Windows Vista and you will be able to migrate Windows settings and personal files
  • Windows 7 and you will be able to migrate everything (Windows,Apps and Personal files)

The upgrade process will be a little bit different to what Windows Users are used to. Indeed, everything will be done through the web.  After purchasing your upgrade license, a small utility (Windows 8 upgrade Assistant) will ensure that your pc can be migrated to Windows 8 and will report any applications compatibility issues you might have.  Note that you can already download the upgrade assistant and see if your computer will be Windows 8 capable

When this stage is complete, you will be able to install your new windows 8 operating system.  You will be offered the possibilty to upgrade or simply re-install your Operating System from scratch.  If you want to, you will also be able to create your own installation media. You will be able to generate an iso file and a bootable usb containing the Windows 8 source files.  Note that for an additional fee you can always get a physical DVD media.

Final Thoughts

It seems that Microsoft has been inspired by the way you can upgrade other Operating system (I’m thinking of Ubuntu or Apple).  You can upgrade your apple by clicking on an App and have the software downloaded and installed.  With Ubuntu, you simply check the updates available and you can proceed with the installation of the lasted OS version (and it’s free :-)).

More interestingly, I think that this announcement shows that Microsoft is moving away from its traditional business model in order to maintain or get back their market shares.  This shows that Microsoft is still alive and is starting to adapt to the new rules of the market.

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