2 thoughts on “xRDP – Some issues detected with xrdp 0.10.x Version

  1. Running into random copy & paste failure between 2 xrdp hosts as well as between one of these 2 hosts with a windows 11 client.
    It would work now, stop working for 10 minutes and work again later.
    Both are custom installation using version 1.5 script and xrdp version 0.10.0.

    This is just copying simple text, happens in both directions and reconnecting the rdp session generally works as a workaround.
    The 2 xrdp hosts are debian 12 with KDE desktop & LMDE with cinnamon desktop.

    A family member also faced similar issue with a debian 12 with KDE desktop client & LMDE with cinnamon desktop host.

    Is this a known issue or has anyone run into this ?

  2. @Snowy,

    Thank you for visiting our blog and providing some useful feedback. As mentioned in this post, there are some issues with the clipboard function indeed. A fix has been provided by the xRDP team for copy/paste issues with imageS. We have noticed the same behavior.. Actually, we have noticed that there is a huge delay between the copy and the paste in the linux session. We are updating the script to include the fix provided by the xRDP team and we will test to see if the copy/paste of text is getting better or not

    Till next time
    See ya

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