Ubuntu – Ubuntu 23.04 Reaches End of Life !!!

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Today, again a quick post about Ubuntu Life cycle & End of life products.   If you are not yet aware of this, Ubuntu 23.04 Short Term Release has reached end of life January 20,  2024.  In this post, we will quickly check what does that means for you and what you could do to go back to a supported situation..

Let’s do this ! 

End of Life for Ubuntu 23.04 

As you probably know by now, Ubuntu 23.04 (coded name Lunar Lobster) has reached end of Support in January 20,  2024 !  This simply means that you will not be receiving any updates and patches for this release which puts your machine at risk.  It’s strongly recommended to upgrade your Ubuntu 23.04 machine to a supported Ubuntu version where support is still offered. 

You have obviously multiple options here.  You could decide to decommission your Ubuntu 23.04 machines and deploy the latest LTS Version of Ubuntu (i.e. Ubuntu 22.04) or you can simply upgrade the Ubuntu 23.04 to 23.10 which will be supported till July 2024.   In our case, we have upgraded our Ubuntu 23.04 machines to Ubuntu 23.10 and we are looking forward the next LTS version of Ubuntu (i.e. 24.04)

Ubuntu 23.10 is providing a really nice user experience.  The desktop interface is responsive. The look n’ feel looks quite right, simple and modern at the same time.  Ubuntu 24.04 should be based on this short term release and we really hope that Canonical can release an amazing LTS Release with Ubuntu 24.04. There are some unknown which are related to the snap technology.  Ubuntu 24.04 might be again a release where Canonical will push really aggressively for their in-house software packaging solution…..  

xRDP installer Script Updates ?  

At the moment, we are not planning to upgrade the xrdp-installer script (which is currently set at version 1.4.8).  This version still includes support for Ubuntu 23.04. We do not have much time at the moment to post and publish new posts and we are lacking time to work on newer version of xRDP script.    We will try to release one or two releases in the coming months.  

We will probably release the new version of the script when Ubuntu 24.04 will be released.  

Final Notes

Ubuntu 23.04 has reached end of life and it’s time to move to Ubuntu 23.10 if you didn’t do so yet.  We, kind of, ignored Ubuntu 23.04 Release.  Ubuntu 23.04 was showing a lot of issue during installation when it was initially released.  We had to wait quite some time before some fixes would have been provided.  Ubuntu 23.04 was really not a striking release.   When have been really pleased with Ubuntu 23.10 which corrected most of the issue found in the previous release.  Ubuntu 23.10 really is a nice and workable edition. We hope that the next iteration will be providing the same delightful experience. 

We are looking forward to the new Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release.  However, we are also wondering which changes will be introduced in this release which might make it unpopular again….  

 So, wait and see…. 

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