xrdp – New Release available 0.9.24

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We have discovered recently that a  new version of xRDP software has been released on December 30, 2023.  The new xrdp package version is set to 0.9.24.  This release is mainly to fix some issues and bugs discovered in previous version.  As a reminder,  xRDP maintainer tends to release new versions every 3 to 4 months. So, this release is kind of expected.   

Let’s quickly check about this new release….. 


xRDP is a software package that provide remote desktop capabilities against a Linux machine and mimics the Remote Desktop capabilities that can be found in Windows Operating system.  Using xRDP, you can basically use your standard remote desktop client on Windows or Linux and you can remotely access your Linux Desktop interface.   The team behind the software is releasing on regular basis updates. These updates can introduces new features and/or can address security issues. 

The bleeding edge version of xRDP packages are as of today the following 

    • xrdp version 0.9.24 has been released in December 30, 2023
    • xorgxrdp version 0.9.19 has been released in September 9, 2022 which is the latest version of the software. There is no new version since Sept 2022.  

xRDP 0.9.24 Release Notes

You can find the release notes for the xrdp package by visiting this page 

This release (0.9.24) is not bringing any new features and it basically provide some improvements by fixing identified bugs and issues in previous version.  The release note of this version states that a new open collective fund has been created.  Through this fund, xRDP maintainer hope to collect funds through supporters in order to keep working on the xRDP software solution suite and provide new versions.   

The following bugs should be fixed in the version 0.9.24

  • Checking group membership should now work better on systems using directory services 
  • Pasting more than 32K characters of text to the clipboard now succeeds
  • An incompatibility with FreeRDP 2.11.2 in the drive redirector has been fixed


What’s the impact for me ?

If you are using a well established distribution like Ubuntu or Debian, and if you have performed the installation from the distribution repository, you might not be running the latest version of the xRDP package.   The latest version of the xrdp package is usually not being updated automatically in well established distribution.  We would guess that xrdp 0.9.24 will be probably shipping in Ubuntu 24.04 Release.  

If you have performed the installation from sources,  you will have to update yourself the package. You should remove the version installed on your system and  recompile from source. So, if you want to use the latest version of xRDP, you will need to compile the software from sources.  You can also use our famous xrdp-installer script that simplifies and automate the installation (on Debian based systems).  (see https://www.c-nergy.be/products.html).  Please note that the latest version of the script has not been tested against xrdp pacakge 0.9.24 yet. So, use the script in a test environment first and validate your xrdp installation.  Since this release is not changing too many things, the xrdp-installer script should be working as expected

Final Notes

This is it for this post !   

As promised, this is really a short post but rather important.  Indeed, the xrdp team has made this latest xrdp release available (0.9.24) in order to fix some minor bugs and that development cycle is proceeding as expected.   xRDP team has announced through this xrdp release the creation of the open creative fund.  If you want to support xRDP maintainer team, you can subscribe or donate money to this fund.  This money will be used to maintain and develop the xRDP Software solution…. 

Please note that the xRDP package shipping with your Ubuntu Operating system might not be the latest release version.  You will need to check if some updates would be made available by the OS provider.  If no updates are provided, you might want to build from sources and deploy the latest version of the xRDP Package…  

The xrdp-installer script version 1.4.8 could be used to remove and install the latest version of xrdp package.  The script 1.4.8 has not been tested yet against xrdp 0.9.24 package but it should be working as expected. 

Stay tuned…

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