xrdp – New Release available 0.9.22

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This post is about xRDP software package and the fact that a new release has been made available by the team maintaining the software.  The latest release package has been released in May 2023 and the release version is set to 0.9.22.   Usually, the xRDP team tends to release new versions every 3 to 4 months and make the release cycle predictable.  This release is focusing more on some bug fixing and some improvements.  Version 0.9.22 does not ship with any security fixes which means that version 0. 9.21.1 is still safe to use 

Ok, let’s try to see what’s new and move forward.  


xRDP is a software package that provide remote desktop capabilities against a Linux machine and mimics the Remote Desktop capabilities that can be found in Windows Operating system.  Using xRDP, you can basically use your standard remote desktop client on Windows or Linux and you can remotely access your Linux Desktop interface.   The team behind the software is releasing on regular basis updates. These updates can introduces new features and/or can address security issues. 

The bleeding edge version of xRDP packages are as of today the following 

    • xrdp version 0.9.22 has been released in May 07, 2023
    • xorgxrdp version 0.9.19 has been released in September 9, 2022 which is the latest version of the software 

What’s new in xRDP 0.9.22 Release ? 

You can find the release notes for the xrdp package (and more specifically 0.9.22)  by visiting this page 

The release 0.9.22 should be seen as a maintenance release tackling mainly some bug fixes and bring some improvements but nothing really new.  Hereafter, you can see a list of bugs that have been fixed in this release 

  • Minor documentation fixes (#2508 #2582)
  • Memory management fixes to list module (#2548 #2577)
  • Fix some noise when MP3/AAC are in use and some logging improvements (#2519 #2537 #2554)
  • Fix potential NULL dereferences in chansrv (#2574)
  • An erroneous free in the smartcard handling code has been removed (#2611)
  • An unnecessary ‘check.h’ include was removed which prevented compilation on Arch systems (#2650)

Version 0.9.22 is really a minor update that includes some bug fixes and some small new features and improvements.   However, it’s still nice to see that the software is being developed and maintained.   

This release does not tackle (yet?) the support for PipeWire Sound Server.  xRDP sound redirection feature is expecting PulseAudio Sound server in order to have it working accordingly.  However, new Linux releases ship with PipeWire software which make the xRDP sound redirection unusable at this stage.  There are some efforts and discussions to make it work with PipeWire but no official support has been announced yet.  


What’s the impact for me ?

Actually, if you are using a well established distribution shipping with xrdp package, nothing will change for you.  Indeed, Linux Distribution will usually not ship with the latest version of the xRDP package.  The fact that a new release has been made available by the xRDP team does not mean that Distribution maintainers will update right away their existing xrdp package. 

So, if you want to use the latest version of xRDP, you will need to compile the software from sources.  You can also use our famous xrdp-installer script that simplifies and automate the installation (on Debian based systems).  (see https://www.c-nergy.be/products.html).  Please note that the latest version of the script has not been tested against xrdp pacakge 0.9.22.x yet. So, use the script in a test environment first and validate your xrdp installation. 

Final Notes

This is it for this post !   

If you are using xRDP software package, you would be happy to know that a new release has been made available by the software maintainer.  xRDP version 0.9.22 has been released and tackles some improvements and some bug fixings.  This release does not ship any security fixes. 

As mentioned earlier, Linux Distribution do not ship the latest version of xRDP version available.  If you want to test and install the latest version of the software, you will probably need to perform an installation from sources and compile the software.   You can also try our xrdp-installer script (see https://www.c-nergy.be/products.html) to perform a custom installation and get the latest version installed on your computer.  

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2 thoughts on “xrdp – New Release available 0.9.22

  1. Hi Griffon,

    I’ve been looking out for options to configure isolated sessions for the same user in RHEL.
    For Ex: If i do rdp to REL vm1 with user1 i get a session1, when i do rdp again to REL VM1 with user1 i want a new session with a different id but instead i end up with 2 RDP consoles into same session which is session 1.

    Is there such feasibility or possibility to achieve a different session always for the same user on same machine through xrdp ?

  2. @Manvir,

    Thank you for visiting our blog and providing feedback. I think that what you want to achieve using the xorgxrdp backend cannot be achieved. The user will try to always reconnect to the existing session. There might be other options but we have no time to investigate them

    Hope this help
    Till next time
    See ya

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