Our Best Wishes for 2020…

Hello World,

Greeting Seasons post !  

Traditionally, the first post of the year is about presenting our best wishes for 2020 ! 

Year 2019 was really a busy and difficult year for us, especially the end of the year… We are somewhat happy with what we could achieve in the past 12 months but we need to prepare and get ready for the coming months…

Our Best wishes for 2020 …..

We have been quite busy in 2019 and we have been involved with a few but intensive projects.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have followed us during 2019 and provided feedback, shared their comments and technical info, remarks that helped us improved proposed solutions  We would like also to thank our customers and partners for the trust and confidence they have placed in us and to and helped us in providing high quality work….

Finally, we would like to present our best wishes to all of you for this new year 2020.  We hope that the coming year will be bright for all of you..  

Looking back (2019)…..

In 2019, we have tried to publish posts on a regular base but sometimes it was not possible as projects and professional work pressure was so high.  However, we managed to publish a bunch of posts around

  • xRDP and our famous installation script
  • Ubuntu and PXE technology
  • Windows 2019 Server
  • Remote Desktop Services

2019 was the year of Ubuntu and xRDP software solution… A lot of information has been provided about xRDP Software solution. Ubuntu 18.04.2  broke the standard xrdp installation and we had to update in a quick and dirty way our famous installation script in order to overcome this issue and provide a fix…  With the release of Ubuntu 19.04, a new version of our standard installation script was release as well….

The biggest change that we have introduced in 2019 was that we decided to merge the custom install script and the standard installation script.  We have released a brand new version of the xRDP installation script.  This script can be used to perform a standard xrdp installation (using the xrdp package available in Ubuntu repository) or can be used to perform a custom installation (i.e. compiling from sources).   The consolidated script can also enable sound redirection and can customize slightly the xRDP login screen to have a more consistent look’n feel with Ubuntu color scheme.  The latest version of the script fixes also a bunch of minor issues related mainly to polkit technology.  The consolidated script is getting better with every new releases….

In 2019, we have also spend some times in explaining how to use PXE technology with Ubuntu Desktop and Server Edition.  We have explained how to deploy Ubuntu through the network using the PXE technology against BIOS or UEFI computer machines. Surprisingly, these posts have been kind of popular…..

We tried to cover some Windows 2019 technology but we never got enough time to write more about it.  It’s a pitty because we think that there is a a bunch of new features that are quite interesting and where we could write a bunch of good posts…  Again, because we had some many issues with xRDP and Ubuntu 18.04.2 and because we worked on merging the xRDP scripts, we lost focus o these topics.

Finally, we tried to go back to one of our favorite topic : Remote Desktop Services.  We have published some tips and tricks in 2019 but not that many….. Pitty !  Don’t be surprised to see more posts about RDS on Windows 2019 in 2020  🙂

What to expect in 2020…..

We have not yet decided exactly !  Obviously, we are expecting to see a lot of posts around Ubuntu 20.04 (the next major Ubuntu Release) and our consolidated xRDP installation script. We are really exciting about Ubuntu 20.04 releaseUbuntu 19.04 release and later has introduced a noticeable performance improvement and kind of stable user environment and we hope that Ubuntu 20.04 would become the best release and would be used more and more.      We are expecting to see organization using Ubuntu to probably upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 if the release is really changing the game…

We hope that we will have time to write about Windows 2019 and Remote Desktop Services.  We might also write about deploying Windows 10 through organization as more and more customers are planning and executing this migration activity.  Exchange 2019 has been released and we didn’t see much information about it.  The reason might be that no Trial software version is available for download.. As we might have to work on an Exchange upgrade project, we will want to share some information through our blog.

Finally, we might want to write about Cloud, Office 365 or Microsoft 365 as Microsoft is pushing people to use their Cloud infrastructure and services.  This is becoming problematic for some customers because technical reasons prevents the move to the cloud and standard products are moving slowly to the Cloud or new products are only Cloud based and not on-premise (i.e. Teams)…So, we might need to start sharing some information about that….

Obviously, news and trends of the moment will also impact the content of this blog….

We might need to introduce some changes also that might affect your browsing experience.  We need to improve security and we probably during 2020 enforce the usage of SSL.   Please do not panic, automatic redirection will be implemented as well so you do not need to change anything on your side.   Other changes might be introduced as well during 2020 that should be seen more as maintenance operations


Final Notes

This is it for this post !

Year 2020 seems busy as hell already and we hope that we will have time to post enough information during 2020….

Enjoy your holidays and get ready for 2020.  We wish you all the best for the future…

Till next Time

See ya


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