XRDP – Using Unity Desktop with xRDP (Teaser)


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Today, we are bringing you something big !  

This post will be quite short but should bring a lot of exciting news related to Unity Desktop and xRDP.

XRDP & Unity : Impossible Combination ?

A lot of people are asking if there is a way to connect to the Unity Desktop through the xRDP software. So far, the default answser was : not possible, use a different desktop environment.  Another option/workaround was to use xRDP to perform a connection to the console and then access the Unity Desktop (for more info, see http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5956).  This was till today !

Today, we are bringing to you a possible way to use xRDP in conjunction with the Unity 7 Desktop environment on an Ubuntu computer.  We are writing the Step by Step Procedure that can be used to achieve this results. You can already watch this video and see that technically possible.  We might be working all night to publish  a good enough guide to achieve that….


Early Stages

Connecting to Unity Desktop through xRDP does not provide the best user experience (yet). The solution is workable but there are still some minor issues that make the solution far away from perfect. As you can see in the video, the logout functionality is not working and the top right pane does not have the standard indicator elements…

We are at an early stage in testing the solution that can make the xRDP software connecting to the Unity Desktop.  We probably do not have detected yet all the possible issues and workarounds that could be used to make it the perfect solution….

Final Notes

If you were looking for a way to access your Unity Desktop through xRDP, you quest might come to an end….. We have been looking for some time now on how to achieve this and we think we finally find a nice way.  Let’s hope that this way could be usable also with Unity 8..

We will publish as quickly as possible the instructions guide that would help you in accessing Unity Desktop through xRDP package….

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4 thoughts on “XRDP – Using Unity Desktop with xRDP (Teaser)

  1. @Kilo,

    Instructions guide almost ready…Thank you for your comments and will to be a volunteer to test and find any possible issues with xrdp and native Unity Desktop

    Till next time
    See ya

  2. Hi.. Thank God you guys almost made it..I wait almost 2 years to see this great news.
    Please drop some news on my email, and I will gladly be a volunteer to test this out.

    Cheers up


  3. @CastorTroy

    Thank for the visit and the positive Feedback…We will be soon working on Ubuntu 17.04 and will try to improve more and more the info about xrdp and Unity Desktop
    If needed, we might ask you indeed to test and provide some feedback on the procedure we will be publishing in the near future

    Till next time
    See ya

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