ADMT & Windows 2008

Note : Republished Article from Old Blog – Original Date Sept 2008


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If you have done a lot of Active Directory migration, you have probably used the famous ADMT (Active Directory Migration Tool) tool. I learned recently that a new version (3.1) is already available for download. A new Version of ADMT !! But what for…??. The reason is that will you need it in order to perform sucessful migration to Windows 2008 Domains (with Vista machines).

Apparently, using ADMT 3.x, you are not able to migrate from NT4 to Windows 2008 domain. You could upgrade your NT4 domain into a windows 2000/2003 domain and then migrate to Windows 2008. You could also wait before migrating to Windows 2008 and perform you NT4 migration to an Windows 2003 domain.

ADMT 3.1 is available for download. you can also grab the updated version of the migration guide that can be founded at

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