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After a well deserved holidays, our team are back to work and we are slowly preparing some new posts about Windows, Linux, xRDP and plenty other technologies… We will be probably quite busy with new project coming our way but we still try to publish some new posts.  This post will quickly provide an overview on what to expect in the coming weeks/months and topics… 

This post will be really a short one… 🙂 


Since Microsoft is pushing for Cloud infrastructure and cloud services, some companies still having a “classical” on premise solution model are struggling with this approach. Prices are going up, subscription based agreements will be needed to get access to software, new features and updates are targeted to Cloud Infrastructure and are usually not (or really slowly) integrated in the on premise software solution. 

So, Microsoft’s cloud strategy is pushing some companies (the one needing on-prem infrastructure) to find alternative solutions.  We have noticed that Linux footprint has increased significantly within corporate networks. Container technology and virtualization technology are mainly using Linux like solution more and more. Microsoft products like Active Directory, Mail, SharePoint, SQL and workstation software remains pre-dominant within corporate infrastructure 

In the coming months, we will be busy with a lot of updates, upgrades and migration to the latest version of Microsoft software solution.  A lot of companies are still running Windows 2012 R2, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, Sharepoint 2013 and they are looking into migrating to the latest version of these software.  We are expecting to see a lot of demands to move from legacy operating system to Windows 2022 Servers.   We are involved in Exchange 2019 migration as well but since Microsoft has dropped some features, choices needs to be offered in order to provide alternatives.  

These projects will/might give us the opportunity to blog about Windows Server 2022 products and Exchange products 

Ubuntu 22.10 will be released end October 2022 and there are some changes that are coming.  One of the most important change would be the introduction of PipeWire Sound Server. Ubuntu 22.10 would be an interim release and we will supported for 9 months only.  We are not expecting companies to move to Ubuntu 22.10 quite soon.  In fact, we have noticed that a lot of companies are mainly relying on Ubuntu 20.04.X and move to Ubuntu 22.04 has not started yet.   Firefox performance issues, Firefox snap version…might have impacted Ubuntu 22.04 adoption.  This might change in the coming months since point release 1 has been made available plus Firefox performance improvements have been made recently. 

Ubuntu 22.10 release means also that we will need to work on the xRDP-installer script and make it work on Ubuntu 22.10.  We have received good feedback on the latest version (1.4.3) even do if this version integrates some new features and add support for other Linux distribution that still needs to be worked out.  In the future, more and more Linux distributions will be shipping with Pipewire Sound server.  This means that the current version of xRDP script will not be able to perform sound redirection since xRDP is currently only supporting PulseAudio Sound server.  It will be interesting to see if xRDP team will introduce support for PipeWire software solution 

Finally, we have more and more request about installing and configuring some software on Linux machines like email servers, DNS Servers, apache Server, NextCloud, wordpress….Usually, we are performing such installation mainly on Windows machines. However, as companies needs to optimize their costs, it seems that Linux solution is becoming the cheap “working” solutions also within corporate infrastructure.  This might offer us also to blog about all these requests and technologies…

Final Notes 

Voila ! This is it for this post… 

As you can see, we are back and we will be quite busy in the coming months.  We think that the focus will be more on Microsoft technologies and we will probably blog about our findings.  We are more and more interested in Linux world and possible alternatives that can be offered to our customers.  Cloud technologies will be probably tackled next year since there is also some people willing to move to the Cloud…. 

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