Download Windows 8 Version Preview legal and free

Hello World,

Just back home from a trip abroad. If you read the title, you know already what will be discussing in this short post. By now, you should know that Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows (called so far Windows 8).  Since September 13, you can download a preview version of Windows  next operating system (aka Windows 8).

This is the first time that Microsoft grant a public access to a pre-beta version of their product.  You can download 32 or 64 bit of the Windows 8 preview software.  Note that this software is not feature completed and still in development.  If you want to perform some tests and get your hands on it, download it and install it  but remember that the software is not production ready

Saying that, you probably want to download it….So, go head



Enjoy your testing

Till next time…See ya

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