7 thoughts on “Ubuntu 17.10 – Change login Background – Part I

  1. Thanks for these instructions. I guess this is valid for a single-display setup only, right? In my case I have an external display besides the built-in in my laptop. I couldn’t make the background image to fit correctly any of the displays, even after playing with the size and position CSS atributes of the background. either the image is cropped (like a big zoom in) or half of it is displayed in one screen and the other half in the other screen.

  2. @Roger,

    We didn’t test this scenario (which is quite interesting). so we do not know if this would work yes or no..
    We would assume that this should be working and indeed changing the css code and provide an appropriate image size would work….but we do not know and we will need to test that. don’t ask me when because again really busy with work right now πŸ™
    Thank for your visit and your comments….

    Till next time
    See ya

  3. Thanks for the info – I did it and it works.

    FYI, if you are using vi as your editor, you can jump straight to the block in the file with:
    vi +/lockDialogGroup /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css

  4. @Paul,

    Thank you for feedback and sharing the information about vi…We will try to improve this when time permit
    Thank you for the visit
    Till next time
    see ya

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