4 thoughts on “Ubuntu – How to Display a Banner message on login Screen on Ubuntu 20.04 – Quick Tip

  1. I have ran through the settings you posted and there is no place to “save” the setting changes. I just closed the editor and logged off. There is no banner shown.

  2. @Johnny,

    There no save button but you have the green arrow button you should click to apply the settings. Possibly, can you send some screenshots of your configuration
    Have you rebooted the machine as well just to see if this would make a difference ?

    waiting for your feedback
    Till next time
    See ya

  3. I would like to automatically set a banner on all machines using the autoinstall, is there a way to do this hands free?

  4. @Tom,

    I would guess that there must be some way to this via a script and integrate that into the autoinstall.. We never tried or looked for this…

    Hope this help
    Till next time
    See ya

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