2 thoughts on “xRDP – Customizing the xRDP login screen to something more appealing

  1. Personally i like Layout 4 however will give feed back on your layouts.

    Layout 1: Ideal Default login screen, simplistic without the possibility of conflict between different OS’s

    Layout 2: Although similar to Layout 1 it conflicts with the theme and makes it look messy (Yep that Box really makes it look bad)

    Layout 3: I can see screen alignment issues cropping up with that.

    Layout 4: The perfect dream login screen its not too far out of what Ubuntu or many Debian Distro’s normal login screen. Looks cleaner as well.

  2. @William,
    Indeed, for simplicity reasons, i think the best option is probably option 1 because it would be a standard configuration that could fit any screen resolutioins
    Thanks for the feedback and for visiting our blog
    Till next time
    See ya

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