Best Wishes 2016

Hello World,

It has been some time since we haven’t posts some information and technical guides in our blog. We have been quite busy the last two months of the year.  We have been working on multiple projects and we have been travelling around Europe in order to deliver our solutions and services to the final customers.  All these activities didn’t gave us much time to blog and look at new things that will popup next year.

So, Today,

We would like to wish to all of you our best wishes for this new year 2016.We wish you that year 2016 will bring you only positive things in your life.


Year 2015 – Quick Overview

For us, the year 2015 was a difficult year.  Economical situation and willing of customers to cut operations costs down does not make it easy to find projects and exceed customers expectations.  We have been working on some really interesting projects based on technologies we have been discussing in our blog (RDS 2012 R2, Migrations, MDT, Deployment solutions, Cloud Based Desktops, Cloud Based Apps,…)

In 2015, we have also updated our web site and our blog.  The new design is cleaner and more modern.  We have implemented a responsive web site in order for our readers to follow us on any type of device and still have a comfortable browsing experience.  This internal project took some time to become reality but we really like the results of this work. We are having a elegant web presence.

In 2015, we have seen that the information provided through our blog was helping people and we have been pleased to provide (at our small level) some help and advice to our readers and customers.  Again, this year the most viewed topics were related to

  • Ubuntu and XRDP Technology
  • MDT and deployment Techniques
  • Remote Desktop Services

What’s coming in 2016 ?

In 2016, we do not know yet what to expect.  We hope to have really exciting projects and that customers will have a look at the added value we can bring. We will continue discussing about RDS technology and deployment technologies.  I think we will be quite busy with the Windows 2016 Server that will be released next year and investigate all the new features that this release can bring.  Virtualization and Containers might become again an important topic for industries and we might blog extensively about this.

We will try also to speak a little bit more about Linux Desktop (Ubuntu obviously) but also new kids in town like Solus-project ,elementary os or Hydrogen OS,… and other open source projects and initiative as well.  Windows 10 is there and a lot of companies would like to move forward but on the other hand there are some companies reluctant to perform this move because the OS is really moving into the Windows as a Service (connected to the cloud). We hope to have some deployment projects next year so we can share our experience with our community.

We looking forward to work in 2016, to get involved in exciting projects and we hope we will have time to share this experience with our readers.

That’s it for this post  !

Best wishes to all for Year 2016 !

Till next time

See ya

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