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I’ve been working with some NAS/SAN infrastructure lately. These SAN/NAS infrastructure are based on commercial products such as NetApp or EMC. I’ve been using and playing also with some Open Source software. The main projects for implemeting NAS/SAN infrastructure are Openfiler and FreeNAS.

I was looking for a solution to perform a backup of the FREENAS and i’ve found multiple optons. Rsync, NASBackup and Bacula can be used as free backup solution. If you google a little bit, you can probably found some info on how to use thses software.

While searching for another stuff, i came across another Backup/Restore Open Source software. It’s called Restore and from the sourceforge pages “RESTORE is a complete enterprise network backup and recovery solution. It is scalable to a complete backup solution for multiple workstations, servers and data centers. It operates over local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet”

I haven’t tested it yet. But i have to say the screenshots look like appealing. You can install the software as package under ubuntu or you can download a liveCD. You can also download a Virtual Machines and starts playing right away.

If you are interested in backup software, have a look at

and let me know if you would think of this software as a valid backup solution

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