PROXMOX VE 2.0 (BETA) is Out

Hello World,

Great news !  The Proxmox VE 2.0 (beta version) is out and can be downloaded here.  The version is available since September 30th 2011. If you go to the Proxmox VE Wiki, there is no link about this beta version in the Downloads sections but if you have a look at the news page section, you can retrieve the official announcement of this release and the link where the software can be downloaded.

The Proxmox VE Team is already working on the documentation as well, If you look at the proxmox ve wiki pages (->documentation section), you will see that a new section is available called Proxmox Ve 2.0.  As I was quickly going through this initial/preliminary documentation, there is already a good news for people who want to install the software from a usb stick.  With this version, you will be able to perform your installation from the usb stick right away.

It’s testing time and see how much progress the team have made. Remember that this is a beta version and not feature complete. For example, you cannot create OpenVZ Container virtual machines from the GUI but only from the Console.  The Backup/restore GUI section is not implemented yet. I’m not sure if the role based feature is also there and functional. The next release will probably bring more and more features.

Happy testing !!

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