Windows 2019, Exchange 2019, Sharepoint 2019,… General availabilty

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In this last quarter of the year, Microsoft has been quite busy as new product releases have reached General Availability but also because the company is encountering a number of issues with Windows 10 updates.   Through internet, you will see that a number of bugs has been detected in Windows 10 version 1809 that forced Microsoft to stop the roll out for some times in order to investigate and fix the issues.  However, still recently, some other bugs have been unveiled and a lot of people are wondering if the Windows as service approach is not failing as people loose trust in the update process.  Some people think that Microsoft should stop introducing new features in their update releases but focus on fixing the current operating system and introduce changes at a lower peace.

Windows 2019 reaches General Availability

Next to the Windows 10 Update 1809, Windows 2019 server has also reached General availability (GA).   A number of interesting changes have been introduced in this version which basically improves Windows 2016 Server Edition. Windows 2019 Server is definitely based on Windows 2016 server code where improvements and new features have been introduced.  There seems to be a lot of new stuff to look into the Windows 2019 server. 

Other Server 2019 products reaches General Availability

Next to Windows 2019 server Release, the following products have also been released 

  • Exchange 2019 
  • Office 2019 
  • SharePoint 2019 
  • Skype for Business 2019 

Even if Microsoft is promoting aggressively  their Cloud solutions (i.e. Office 365), Microsoft also acknowledge that some companies of specific sectors cannot move to the Cloud and some on-premises software solution are still needed.   

Because we are working a lot with Exchange infrastructure, the release of Exchange 2019 is really one of the product we will need to review and see the changes that have been introduced.  Some information have been already provided. Exchange 2019 will need to run on Windows 2019 server and can run also on Windows Core Editions. The major announcement that has been made concerns the drop the Unified messaging capabilities.   So, if an organization is using Unified messaging feature in Exchange 2013/2016 and you plan to migrate to Exchange 2019, you will need to either move the voice capabilities to Skype for Business Online or you will need to implement a third party solution.  

In 2019, we might be busy with some Exchange upgrade/migration projects and we might speak a little bit more about that topics in our blog. 

Final Notes 

As you can see, this was really a short post about new Microsoft product releases.  As you can imagine, this is probably only the starting point of a long journey if we start writing about new technologies and improved features that have been recently released.    As we are reaching the end of 2018, we are already thinking about which topics will be addressed next year through this blog.  Since Microsoft has been releasing a number of important software products, we might cover them.. 

Don’t worry, we will still write about Ubuntu and Linux products as they are becoming a viable solution in a number of situation or scenario 

So, Get ready for a busy year 2019

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