Our consultancy services are based on experienced people working in the IT industry for several years. We can define, based on your requirements, the most appropriate technical solution your company needs. C-Nergy can help you designing and building your IT infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, Exchange Servers, Sharepoint technologies, System Center family technologies, SAN/NAS Infrastructure, Backup infrastructure...

Virtualization allows you to achieve hardware consolidation and savings in term of hardware, energy, maintenance costs and room space. Virtualization covers multiple areas: servers, desktops, storage, applications? C-Nergy can help you in choosing the virtualization solution that will fit your needs and will meet your budget constraints. We have experience with VMWARE solution, Microsoft solution (Hyper-V) and other less known solution providers with affordable solution (such as PROXMOX VE (Open Source Solution)).

C-Nergy can help you in defining, planning and performing your migration to a new IT Infrastructure. C-Nergy can assist you in migrating your existing infrastructure to the latest technology platform. We can define with you the best migration path; provide advices on appropriate migration tools and execute the migration project.

C-Nergy will also help you with the rollout of your workstations to the end-users. We will assist you in creating the master image that will be deployed, the deployment procedure and technology (based on your infrastructure), execute the rollout based on your requirements.

C-Nergy can also provide services and consultancy to small /medium organizations. Your IT Infrastructure is too small to have dedicated staff but you need to keep it up to date. You need to perform a change within your infrastructure and you would prefer to have experienced people performing this action or receive best pratices recommendations.

Based on your requirements, we can assign a dedicated person that will come on regular basis at your site and provide you with necessary expertise to make evolve your business. We can provide recommendations to your company in order to optimize your infrastructure : recommendations in terms of software, products, strategy and maintenance... We can implement cost effective solutions adapted to your company.

Our company is hardware and software independant and we are supporting the Open Source Software movement. Open source Software can provide a good alternative to "closed" software. It can be freeware or can be commercial product where you need to pay a license in order to use it.

We believe that Open source software is complementary to proprietary software and can offer alternative solutions in specific scenario. There are plenty of projects and open source software available on internet. We cannot list all of them but but you can checkout our blog section to get more info about Open Source Software. .