C-Nergy is an IT Solution provider that can help you in planning, designing, building, managing and supporting your IT Infrastructure. C-Nergy is derived from the word Synergy. Synergy means working together. Our philosophy is to have a close cooperation with our customers. We think that a true collaboration will bring better results.

Different individuals working together and sharing their ideas leads to greater results. C-Nergy wants to be more than just an IT service Provider. We want to be a real partner to our customers and bring the best solution. This cooperation allows us to have a better understanding of your needs and your requirements. This collaboration allows you to have a better active role in your IT Project and ensure that you have the best solution. C-Nergy can help your organization to define your needs and provide you with efficient IT Infrastructure.

In 2008, www.c-nergy.be was created and was mainly a blog about technology. Slowly, the web site gained some popularity. In 2009, ITALBERE (Division IT) acquired the web site www.c-nergy.be and used it to promote its own IT Division. With years, the division has grown and can now offer more services and expertises. This was made possible through the acquisition of the web site www.c-nergy.be. Because of this, ITALBERE (Division IT) has decided to keep the name c-nergy.be and created this dedicated web site and promote its IT activities.

C-nergy.be is now fully owned by the company/group ITALBERE.

C-nergy.be is the dedicated web site of ITALBERE (Division IT). All activities/services will be provided through the ITALBERE (Division IT) company.