Windows 2008 DHCP in a Workgroup

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I’ m quite busy preparing my next project.  It will be a Active Directory/Exchange 2007 Migration project. We will also introduce virtualization technology (VMware based) and a Netapp SAN infrastructure.  The customer will also migrate from windows XP to …. Windows Vista.

I was playing around with windows 2008 DHCP and was preparing to install a stand-alone Deployment Solution (I’ll post more information about that in a future post).   So I installed a Windows 2008 server with DHCP role on it.  I’ve created my scope(s) and scope options.  I was ready to test and use my DHCP. 

I realized quite quickly that the DHCP was not providing any IP addresses to the machines on the network.  So, I went back to the DHCP Console and noticed the message stating that the DHCP needed to be authorized before releasing IP Addresses. 

In order to “authorize” a DHCP, you need to have an Active Directory. I don’t want to have that. I’m building a stand-alone and portable software solution.  I’ve googled a little bit and found this article.  At first, I thought that was not really related to my problem but reading  through the article I’ve found out how to disable the authorization process

You need to open your registry (regedit.exe) and create the following DWOrd value

  • Path : HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\DHCP\Parameters
  • Dword entry : DisableRogueDetection
  • Value : 1

After that, DHCP does not check for Authorization and you can run your DHCP service on a Windows 2008 Stand-Alone Machine

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  1. The registry location should be:

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