FreeNAS supporting ISCSI persistant reservation technlogy

Note : Republished Article

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I do not have a lot of time but i thought that this info might be valuable for some people. If you need to create Windows 2008 Cluster based on the iSCSI technology, you need to ensure that the ISCSI Target Technology in use is able to support persistent reservation (click here for more information).

A lot of people are using the StarWind software. The Versioin 4.x is free and can be used to create a Windows 2008 cluster. New options are available. if you are an MSDN subscriber, you can download the Windows Storage server. If you are not a MSDN subscriber and you do not want to use starwind but instead you want to use an open source software, i have a good news for you….

The latest version of FREENAS (still in developpment RC State) can be used to built up a Windows 2008 cluster. I have built up such Cluster and i didn’t really encounter any issues (in a test environment). I haven’t checked yet the OpenFiler solution but i do not think that this has been implemented yet.

Have a try and let me know what you think about FreeNas.

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