6 thoughts on “Ubuntu- Change-Gdm-Background script Version 3.2 – Released

  1. Many thanks, it is not easy to change background color in current gdm version with compiled themes.

    Btw the script (with some trivial modification to bypass version control) works successfully in linux mint cinnamon 20.1 with gdm3 installed (mint cinnamon uses lightdm by default so a bit non-standard config); hope it will work in other debian-based distros too.

  2. @Valouch,

    Thank you for visiting our blog and providing feedback… The script is targeting indeed Ubuntu operating system because we have no time to check and tweak the script for each possible linux distribution using gdm3. When time permit (and workload will allow this), we might want to extend and support more distributions..

    Till next time
    See ya

  3. Can the script support .xml files to be used as background as well so that it can change with time of day or depending on wallpaper? Great job on this one though. Works like a charm!

  4. @Prajwal,

    Thank you for visiting our blog and sharing your feedback and thoughts. We can try to add this “feature” in the next release… At the moment, this is not yet included or supported in the current version of the script.. we will see if this can included in the feature

    Till next time
    See ya

  5. Hi, Thank you for hard work. Unfortunately after last update of Ubuntu 20.04 (I made it on October 8, 2021) the script does not work 🙁

  6. @Jack,

    Thank you for visiting our blog and providing feedback to us… Indeed, each iteration of Ubuntu introduces some new changes… a new version of the script is being finalized and should be released next week… If you want to give it a try and provide feedback again, that would be cool..
    We have tested the version 3.2 against fully updated Ubuntu 20.04 (20.04.3) and the script seems to work accordingly… Can you provide more information, screenshots…to try to investigate your issue. Can you revert back to default first and then re-run the script to see if that would work ?
    Waiting for your feedback

    Hope this help
    Till next time
    See ya

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