Best Wishes 2021

Hello World,

Time for our traditional Greeting Seasons post of the year  !

Our Best wishes for 2021 …..

As for everyone, Year 2020 was really a challenging year. It’s time to say goodbye to it and to hope for the best in the coming weeks and months….

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have followed us during 2020 and provided feedback, shared their comments and technical info, remarks that helped us improved proposed solutions  We would like also to thank our customers and partners for the trust and confidence they have placed in us and to and helped us in providing high quality work….

Finally, we would like to present our best wishes to all of you for this new year 2021.  We hope that the coming year will be bright for all of you..  

Looking back (2020)…..

As said, Year 2020 was really a challenging one (in all aspects).  We have tried to publish posts on regular base and tried to provide help and support when requested.  If you look back at what we have been able to accomplish last year, we could summarize it as follow

  • our famous xrdp-installer script has become stable and updates are released regularly. a lot of feedback has been provided to us which helped in improving the script with each new iteration.  The script is following the Ubuntu release cycle. 
  • We managed to update the Change GDM Background script which help users customizing even further the look’n feel of their Ubuntu Operating system 
  • We published also a PowerShell module Test-SmtpConnection. It’s basically the Powershell way to perform the Telnet SMTP test against Exchange (or mail) servers..
  • Surprisingly, our posts about ESU (Extended Support Updates) has got a lot of success. This demonstrate that there are still a lot of people running legacy operating system such as Windows 7 and Windows 2008/R2 

In 2020, Ubuntu 20.04 release was the biggest event as this release has proven to be rock solid, stable and looking really good.  Canonical has succeeded in making Ubuntu recognizable at first sight.  The branding effort has paid off.   Gnome Desktop has been accepted and Unity Desktop is part of the history (even do some other distributions are still maintaining this desktop interface alive).   Our biggest satisfaction remains the fact that our xrdp-installer script has been updated regularly and has reached maturity level.

We didn’t get enough time to write about all others topics we were planning to but we are happy that we were able to provide in some ways useful and usable information.

What to expect in 2021…..

We have no predefined plans yet  ! Obviously, we will try to keep up with our current work but try also to look at new topics. We are expecting to have a really challenging year 2021.  We do not know if work assignment and contracts will be available next year for us.  We hope that we will be able to move forward during the coming and challenging year. 

In 2021, we will keep providing information about Ubuntu Operating system and follow up with the coming releases.  Ubuntu 21.xx will be released during 2021 which will provide a peak preview of features that will be probably become mainstream in the next LTS release (22.04).  Since we are following the Ubuntu releases, our xrdp-installer script will be adapted as required in order to include support to these Interim releases.  We do not foresee to introduce major changes in the script (lack of time) but you never know…

We will still be writing about Windows technologies as we have a large base of customers relying on it and we will publish our findings and share some tips and tricks.  We do not know yet which specific area we will be discussing but we hope that we will be able to write again on RDS (Remote Desktop Services) technology…. Let’s wait and see…

Final Notes

This is it for this post !

Enjoy your holidays and get ready for 2021.  We wish you all the best for the future…Let’s hope that 2021 will bring us some good news….

Till next Time

See ya  

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