Best Wishes 2018

Hello World, 

It’s time to say goodbye to year 2017 and celebrate the new year 2018. A new year is starting and new challenges are ahead of us. 

First of all, we would like to thank all the people who have followed us and provide positive and constructive feedback during 2017.  This has really been rewarding to see that the information published here through this blog can be really useful to others and that people point us to the right direction when they detect an issue or a mistake..  This help improve the information that we are sharing….

We would like to present our best wishes to all of you for this new year 2018.  We hope that the coming year will be bright for all of you..

What happened during 2017 ?

In 2017, we have been really busy working on different projects type.  Because of the workload, we were not able to publish as much information as we wanted.  In 2018, we think that the same situation will occur.  We will be so busy working on projects that time for blogging will be less available.  However, we will keep publishing interesting info through our blog and we hope that you will enjoy them…. 

In 2017, we have been talking a lot about Ubuntu and xRDP software, Wayland & Gnome Desktop.  Most of the published posts in 2017 are discussing one of these topics.  RDS 2012 R2 topic and MDT topic have been presented also but really in limited number of posts. 

Why this focus on Ubuntu and xRDP ?  First, because Canonical has made a drastic strategy change in 2017.  Unity is not anymore the default desktop on Ubuntu 17.10 and later. The Unity desktop has been replaced by Gnome Desktop. Because of this decisions, a number of changes has been introduced in Ubuntu. Actually, Ubuntu news were a little bit everywhere.  Canonical is stopping Unity support, Canonical is stopping mobile support, Canonical has joined the gnome foundation, Ubuntu can run on Windows 10, Ubuntu is an app in the windows store…. In 2016, Windows 10 was everywhere in the news; in 2017, Ubuntu was quite often in the news..

These changes have affected xRDP software.  A number of changes have been introduced that impacted xRDP installation and configuration procedure.  After some investigations, we have demonstrated that xRDP can be used against the new Ubuntu 17.10 Desktop interface and it’s working better than ever.  These changes have offered us the opportunity to update the install-xrdp script and make a bunch of small improvements.  At the end of 2017, we have published the last stable version of the script compatible with Ubuntu 17.10 which should be working smoothly…

What to expect in 2018 ? 

Actually, we do not really know what will be our focus in 2018….

In 2018, we will continue to discuss and release information about xRDP software solution. We are looking forward for the LTS of Ubuntu 18.04 as we will need to perform some migration activities from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 for some customers. 

Topics for 2018 might be related to Windows 2016, System Center Family Products, RDS 2016, MDT and Exchange 2016/2019, Virtualization or Storage improvements….. On the Linux side, we will also continue our efforts in promoting open source solution when they make sense and we hope to speak a little bit more about Ubuntu and interoperability with Windows infrastructure. 

We will see how far we can go and how much free time we have…. 

Final Notes 

Enjoy your holidays, get some rest and be ready to start this new year 2018 with full of energy because a lot is coming… 

Till next time

See ya

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